Childrens Training Equipment

Childrens Training Equipment


Club Approved Equipment

There is a variety of tools to enhance your childs training including punch bags, training dummies, precision pads, stretchers and more. Some of the more commonly requested will appear in this area of the shop. If you seek something we don't display, ask in class to see if we can get it for you. 

* These are special order items and may take a few extra days to arrive. 


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Kid Kick Shield

Red nylon cover over high density foam. Two back handles allow the holder to keep a secure grip. Features Kid Kick graphics.


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Kid Kick Blockers

Younger Martial artists will benefit from this 30cm nylon blocking surface. Blocker is 42cm in overall length and has a convenient cord attached. Features the Kid Kick logo. Sold in pairs.


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Century Little Dragons Wavemaster

This kids puch bag is great fun and energy zapping entertainment for kids.


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