LD’s Live Zoom links & YouTube Week 3, 23rd Nov 2020

Dear Parents,

It’s week 3, only 1 week and 2 days to go. We now have the Zoom link on the website HERE so if you delete this email by mistake you can find the link.

HSTS Taekwon-Do Little Dragons Zoom Classes
ZOOM LINK: (the same link for all classes over this period, just log in at the appropriate time).
HSTS – Little Dragons
Meeting ID: email
Passcode: email

MONDAYS: 4pm-4.30pm
TUESDAYS: 5.15pm-5.45pm
THURSDAYS: 5.45pm-6.15pm
FRIDAYS: 5.15pm-5.45pm

Please be reminded your child/children can attend any or all of the lessons but only 1 per week will be counted towards their assessment. Please login 5mins before the lesson is about to start and rename your account with your child’s/children’s name/s so we can log them on our registration system. I will send this email each week in case you delete it. If your child is due or becomes due during this period for an assessment we can conduct it via Zoom, please email so we can arrange a suitable time.

Please find week 2 YouTube Video below. Hopefully, we will see them on Zoom.

YouTube video
YouTube link: Little Dragons week 3 23rd Nov 2020 (in email)

Once again, thank you for your support and we will see you on Zoom and in the dojang very soon.

Kind Regards

Master Horan

HSTS Chief Instructor

01525 308307