HSTS Instructor day

on Monday, 09 July 2018. Posted in HSTS News

HSTS Instructors day

HSTS Instructor day

HSTS Instructor Training Day

On a blisteringly hot Saturday thirteen HSTS instructors and assistant instructors arrived at the Hitchin Dojang for a day of instructor training and of course pizza. The day started with a look at the coloured belt patterns how to teach them and possible areas which are tricky for students to learn. We also went over teaching methods, how to position ourselves in the dojang, and how to interact with students. After a quick break we began looking at how to teach three step sparring, two step and one step sparring, then moved on to model sparring, three step semi free and free sparring. After a busy morning we stopped for a nutritious lunch of pizza, kindly provided by Master Horan. During this time we had a chance to plan our own ten minute lesson for different belt grades. This was a chance for us to show what we had learned but to also take advice on areas to improve. I think all would agree that this was the hardest part of the day, we didn’t realise that we would be training for over two hours in 30 degree heat! However we all persevered and enjoyed the experience. Everybody would agree that it was a highly informative day of training, from which we all took away new ideas or refreshed our memories. Thank you to Master Horan for giving up your time and expertise to help and support current and new instructors.

Mrs Kelly Rose 3rd Dan

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