Self-Defence seminar with Master Horan

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Self-Defence seminar with Master Horan

Self-Defence seminar with Master Horan

Self Defence Seminar – 7th February 2016

On Sunday 7th February Shires Elite TKD in Brackley hosted a Self Defence Seminar conducted by our Chairman Master Glenn Horan. We had a great turn out of students from both North and South UTA clubs who were all treated to some excellent, very practical self-defence tuition.

The theme for the training was based upon being offensive in your defence and drew comparisons to some basic movements from our patterns to show that they are real and useful when used in combat, using the concept of moving forward, interception and counter attack. We moved on to some grab and release work escaping from various grabs and holds and then after a spell of trying to get warm in a rather cold hall went on to defence against knife attack. As Master Horan said it is not possible to teach such a vast aspect of training in such a small amount of time, but working on blocking and counter-attack with speed and experiencing being confronted with a rubber training knife to help understand the dangers you are facing brings your awareness up to a new level.

It is amazing how quickly three hours passes, and talking to the students afterwards it was clear that they all enjoyed the seminar and have gained some fantastic, thought provoking experience.

I would like to say a big thank you to Master Horan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and conduct the seminar, to all the students that attended to make this such a successful event, and also to Mr Bonfield and Mr Owen for coming over to assist Master Horan and help the students too.


Jon Blackham IV

Shires Elite TKD

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