Summer holiday classes for LD's ***IMPORTANT***

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Summer holiday classes for LD's ***IMPORTANT***

Summer holiday classes for LD's ***IMPORTANT***


Dear Parents,

I'm here to remind all of you that during the summer holidays we will be cutting down on the amount of classes we do for Little Dragons, this is due to low numbers of students through August and the end of July.
This is something we do every year and we found it has worked well, so will continue to do the same this summer.

So the classes in the holiday period are as follows:

Monday - Barton 3:45pm
Tuesday - Hitchin 4:45pm
Thursday - Stevenage 5:30pm (Giles School)
Friday - Hitchin 5:00pm

If your child normally attends the following classes:

Tuesday - Hitchin 3:45pm
Thursday - Stevenage 3:45pm (Roebuck Academy)
Friday - Hitchin 4:00pm

They will need to attend the later classes.
For example - If your child attends Roebuck Academy, they will need to attend Giles School.

And because we're super nice, if you go away on holiday and your child misses a class, they can make up that class within the summer holidays.

For example, if you're away the week beginning 19th August and miss one class, they can make up that missed class using any class listed during the holiday period.

These changes are effective from and including the 25th July until week commencing 1st September.

Have a lovely summer with your family and put your sun cream on and drink plenty of water! You can thank me later when you're not looking like shrivelled up prune-lobster hybrid.

Kind Regards



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