Simon Bowers 1st Kup

I have been attending Hitchin and Stevenage Taekwon-do School for the past 3 years with my wife and children. We signed up to do something as a family, to instil some noble characteristics into our children (then aged 6 and 8), and maybe, in my case, lose some middle aged spread.

What transpired has been far beyond any of our expectations, yes our children have built up their values of discipline, respect and determination – as have my wife and I. The mental skills we have developed, especially self-confidence, have helped us in many everyday situations that we may have found difficult in the past.

There is no doubt that physical activity of any kind over the last three years would have been good for me, but the variation and knowledge imparted in these lessons means there has never been a time when it has felt monotonous.

The school is inclusive and welcoming and I feel we are forging many friendships. The Instructor Master Glenn Horan and the Assistant Instructors have all shown amazing technical knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and patience. I feel very fortunate to have found such a school in our community

Jen Yip (Parent)

My son is naturally very shy and, dare I say it, timid. He had his introductory session last summer and  still looks forward to every lesson.

Little Dragons has helped him socially as he has made some new friends, and confidence wise, he is able to stand up in front of his fellow students and carry out his grading, and even took part in a tournament this year!

Master Horan and his team design the lessons around fun and education. The students are taught a variety of life skills from personal/general safety to making the right choices in difficult situations.

At school, my son is happy and content, and his teachers have observed that he handles conflict in a sensible and mature manner. I believe Little Dragons has given him the confidence to know how to deal with ‘playground issues’ and that puts my mind at ease. He is neither the bullied or the bully, and just gets on with school life happily

John Lavery 3rd Degree

My son (Lewis) and I started training at HSTS approximately 7 years ago.

TaeKwon Do was the first Martial Art that we considered after seeing the HSTS advert in the local paper and at no point have I regretted that decision.

TKD has benefitted me in many ways, including significant weight loss, aided in improving back problems I suffered from, it has also helped through some difficult times by focusing on training and using the spirit instilled and the inspiration of other training partners and more importantly shown me the values of being a better person.

Lewis has benefitted in many ways also, from increased fitness levels (well above average for his age), great discipline and respect for others and also for himself as well achieving the confidence to compete successfully.

Training together has been an amazing journey as we have seen each other progress through the grades and been able to support each other when we were grading.

We’ve both made many friends throughout the years with our training partners and Lewis’s development has been accelerated not only by the instructors but also by the older students.

HSTS & the UTA have a great leader in Master Horan and all his Senior & Assistant instructors mirror his values and beliefs. This is clear to see from the good feeling within all the schools and the commitment shown by all the Students who train with commitment, enthusiasm and the will & desire to learn.

Leigh-Ann (Parent)

Declan and Ewan started with HSTS as little dragons, and they have never looked back.

The spirit and quality of Taekwon-Do is exceptional and they have learnt so much. Glenn and all the instructors are very inspiring, patient and are great role models.

At home and at school, their self-control, focus, and self-discipline have improved.

It’s a great way to keep fit and utilise their energy. They always look forward to going to training and they have a great desire to progress to the next level by having a healthy competitive influence.

We hope that they continue with Taekwon-Do for many years.