Private lessons in person or on Zoom

A great opportunity to be taught privately by Master Horan. Improve patterns, techniques, theory and gain any extra attendance stamps.

booking prices & options

    In-Person: Choice of Locations
    Cost: £54
    Duration: 1 hour
    Zoom Link sent automatically
    Cost: £30
    Duration: 45 Minutes

Private lesson with Master Horan, dependent on what suits your location, day and time, in person or on Zoom.

Private lesson in person, this lesson can accommodate up to 4 students if you would like to spread the cost.

  • 1 student x4 attendance counts
  • 2 students x3 attendance counts
  • 3 students x2 attendance counts
  • 4 students x1 attendance count

Private lesson in your own home via Zoom this lesson can accommodate up to 2 students due to space restrictions.

  • 1 student x3 attendance counts
  • 2 students x2 attendance counts