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Taekwon-Do in Hitchin

Venue: St Michaels Community Centre, St Michaels Road, Hitchin. SG4 0QY

Little Dragons = Pre Taekwon-Do 4-7yrs
Cadets = All grades 8-12yrs
Kup = Adults & 13yrs+ (Belt colour found below)
TuesdayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre 3.45pm-4.20pm
TuesdayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre4.30pm-5.05pm
TuesdayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre5.15pm-5.50pm
TuesdayLadies OnlyThe Community Centre6.30pm-7.15pm
WednesdayCadets 8th kup - 1st DanThe Community Centre6.45pm-7.25pm
Wednesday13yrs+ All gradesThe Community Centre7.30pm-8.15pm
FridayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre3.45pm-4.20pm
FridayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre4.30pm-5.05pm
FridayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre5.15pm-5.50pm
FridayCadets Beginners to 6th kupThe Community Centre6.00pm-6.40pm
FridayCadets 5th kup to 1st danThe Community Centre6.45pm-7.25pm
Friday13yrs+ Beginners to 1st kupThe Community Centre7.30pm-8.10pm
Friday13yrs+ Black Belts The Community Centre8.15pm-8.55pm/9.15pm
SaturdayLittle DragonsThe Community Centre9am-9.35am
SundayHSTS SquadThe Community Centre4:00pm-5.45pm
SundayCadets Beginners to 6th kupThe Community Centre6.00pm-6.40pm
SundayCadets 5th kup to 1st danThe Community Centre6.45pm-7.25pm
Sunday13yrs+ Beginners to 1st kupThe Community Centre7.30pm-8.10pm
Sunday13yrs+ Black BeltsThe Community Centre8.15pm-8.55pm/9.15pm

Train in authentic ITF TaeKwon-Do

To enrol in any of our 3 locations could not be easier. After you have looked under our locations page to see what School is nearest to you, fill out the online enquiry form.  Some of our classes have waiting lists so please wait for a response from your enquiry.

Kup = Grade (coloured belt)

  • 10th kup – White belt (beginners)
  • 9th kup Yellow stripe
  • 8th kup Yellow belt
  • 7th kup Green stripe
  • 6th kup Green belt
  • 5th kup Blue stripe
  • 4th kup Blue belt
  • 3rd kup Red stripe
  • 2nd red belt
  • 1st kup Black stripe

Dan = Degree (Black belt)

  • 1st Dan
  • 2nd Dan
  • 3rd Dan
  • 4th Dan
  • 5th Dan
  • 6th Dan
  • 7th Dan
  • 8th Dan
  • 9th Dan

HSTS Taekwon-Do
St Michaels Road

HSTS Taekwon-Do
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14:32 26 Aug 22
Great club, my daughter loves it and the teachers and kids are super nice
Sonja Ferenczi
Sonja Ferenczi
12:10 24 Jan 22
My daughters absolutely love coming to this club. It has inspired & motivated them & they never complain about coming... to the sessions. They are encouraged and are seeing their commitment pay off as they progress happily through the gradings. Very professionally run with great communication to more
Georgi Dimov
Georgi Dimov
19:26 08 Sep 21
Absolutely fantastic club, my son has been training for nearly 7 years, staring as a Little Dragon and the Taekwon-do... have become part of his live now. I also have start training nearly 2 years ago (should be lesson Master Horan to start early) .I can’t recommend this club enough.The dedication of Master Horan and his instructors team is un real. Taekwonread more
Shalini Jain
Shalini Jain
19:42 30 Jul 21
Very professional and very organized Martial Arts Club. My son has been attending it since Reception class and now... about to get black belt . There are proper rules , proper grading process, complete transparency and fairness. Very proud to be associated with this club. It is like a life-changing experience for the kids - instilling and reinforcing the core values like - discipline, integrity, courtesy, perseverance , self-control and indomitable spirit. Not even for kids , for adults too!read more
John Lavery
John Lavery
10:55 20 Jun 21
A very well run and organised club that keeps all its students and parents updated regarding training matters and... forthcoming events.Master Horan VIII Degree teaches with passion authentic ITF Taekwon-Do in a relaxed and professional training environment, ensuring that the quality of training, teaching and health and safety are of the highest standards.Master Horan ensures that these standards are also delivered by his group of trusted Assistant Instructors.Classes are located conveniently within the Stevenage and Hitchin area giving anyone who wants to start good options of training times.HSTS offers a comfortable training environment with a “one family community ” atmosphere whilst following a structured training syllabus.I started training with my son when I was 37 and Lewis was 7. What it has given back to us has been life changing and we’ll always be thankful for that.Both Lewis and myself have made many friends through training and travelling to competitions.Please don’t think you’re too old to start or can’t start for one reason or another…….because you’re not.In the 13 years I’ve been training I’ve seen people of different abilities and age develop, progress, improve fitness, strength and become more confident. They have even competed at national or international competitions and in some instances become a World more
Justin Williams
Justin Williams
13:19 10 Jun 21
The real deal... This is an excellent Martial Arts Club run by Master Horan 7th Degree in ITF TaeKwonDo. My two sons... train with his squad and compete at National and International level. The quality of instruction is second to none. It is hard to find a club led by someone truly passionate about the art they teach, this is one them! Families travel over 90 minutes to train here every single week.... that speaks volumes!!read more
Katie Forbes
Katie Forbes
20:26 04 Jun 21
This taekwondo school is amazing!! Both my boys absolutely love coming to class and did every session possible via zoom... during the lockdowns. They love being part of such a great supportive sporting community and I just wish I could join myself! Both the little dragons classes and cadets classes are well run and so much more
06:11 13 Aug 16
19:38 03 Jan 16
William Southern
William Southern
09:00 12 Oct 11
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