Stevenage Giles Junior School & Roebuck Academy

  • Giles Junior School, Durham Road, Stevenage. SG1 4JQ
  • Roebuck Academy Stevenage. SG2 8RQ
Tuesday8-13yrs Beginners -Black stripesGiles Junior School6.30pm
Tuesday14yrs+ Beginners -Black beltsGiles Junior School7.15pm
ThursdayLittle DragonsRoebuck Academy3.45pm
Thursday8-14yrs onlyRoebuck Academy4.30pm
ThursdayLittle DragonsGiles Junior School5.45pm
Thursday8-13yrs Beginners -Black stripesGiles Junior School6.30pm
Thursday14yrs+ Beginners -Black beltsGiles Junior School7.15pm
SaturdayAll Grades (not Little Dragons)Giles Junior School9.30am

Train in authentic ITF TaeKwon-Do

To enrol in any of our 3 Schools could not be easier. After you have looked under our locations page to see what School is nearest to you, fill out the online enquiry form.  Some of our Little Dragons classes have waiting lists, so please wait for a response from your enquiry.

Little Dragons = Pre Taekwon-Do 4- 8yrs

White belts with stripes- Yellow stripe, Green stripe, Blue stripe, Red stripe 

Kup = Grade (coloured belt)

10th kup – White belt (beginners), 9th kup Yellow stripe, 8th kup Yellow belt, 7th kup Green stripe, 6th kup Green belt, 5th kup Blue stripe, 4th kup Blue belt, 3rd kup Red stripe, 2nd red belt, 1st kup Black stripe.

Dan = Degree (Black belt)

1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan, 4th Dan, 5th Dan, 6th Dan, 7th Dan, 8th Dan, 9th Dan