Well done everyone, a great experience for all who attended. Click on the read more link to view the results of those who attended.


  • Niall Mistry-Bronze U14’s 1st Dan Patterns
  • Niall Mistry-Silver U14’s Degree Sparring
  • Elliott Callahan-Bronze U14’s Degree Sparring
  • Elliott Callahan-Silver U16’s 2nd Dan Patterns
  • Vithusion Sivasothy-Bronze U16’s Degree Hyper Weight Sparring
  • Tom Flavell-McNelliey-Bronze U 18’s Degree Middle Weight Sparring
  • Tom Flavell mcNelliey-Bronze U 18’s Degree Special technique
  • Patrick Dion-Fehily-Bronze Adult Male 1st Dan Patterns
  • Kelly Rose-Silver Adult Female Welter Weight Sparring
  • Adrian Burton-Bronze Senior Degree Heavy Weight Sparring
  • Muhunthiny Sivasothy-Gold Female Hyper Weight Red Belt Sparring