UTA Assistant Instructors Course

Event Date:

July 13, 2024

Event Time:

10:00 am

Event Location:

St Michaels Mount Community Centre


We are excited to announce an upcoming Assistant Instructor Course with the UTA, specifically designed for dedicated Taekwon-Do practitioners who are at 3rd Kup and above and are 17 years old or older.

Course Details:

  • Date: 13th July 2024
  • Time: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm
  • Cost: £65.00
  • Location: St Michaels Mount Community Centre, St Michaels Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 0QY

The course on the 13th of July will outline how to teach, what to teach and a basic understanding of the principles to assist in teaching at your club. Your continued development will take place for up to 24 months working through the 12 modules. Once you have graduated as an assistant Instructor you will then have the opportunity to become a BTC Registered Instructor.


This programme is designed to support you in becoming a well-rounded instructor, who can not only teach effectively on the mats but also understand and is able to effectively support business functions, the team, and growth. You will be able to highlight and capitalise on those things in which you excel, as well as identify areas for improvement and potential for development.

Throughout this programme, please be constantly mindful of the commitment you have made to your club, your colleagues and your members. Check in often on your responsibilities, personal and professional progress, and your goals.

This programme is structured over a set period with 12 modules (booklets), allowing you time to fully immerse yourself in each subject area, practice technique, and receive guidance and feedback. Treat this just as you would any other training you undertake in your Taekwon-Do journey.

If you are already an experienced instructor, then it may have been agreed for you to fast track the programme. But even if this is the case, please do not rush. Work through the modules as if you were a novice instructor. Use this opportunity to learn new things about yourself, your service and your business, and perhaps even to recognise and correct any bad practice or outdated methods you may have picked up along the way!

This comprehensive course aims to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective assistant instructors within our Taekwon-Do community. The curriculum will cover a range of topics, including:

  • MODULE 1 – Intro to Programme | You | Knowledge | State
  • MODULE 2 – First Impressions & Image | Attitude | Role Models
  • MODULE 3 – Placement & Contact | Body Language | Verbal Language & Vocabulary | Communication Basics
  • MODULE 4 – Customer Service | Instructors Creed | Students Creed | Ethos & Culture
  • MODULE 5 – Intro Classes | Lesson Planning | Class Structure | Time & Efficiency
  • MODULE 6 – Effective Feedback | Building Rapport
  • MODULE 7 – Simplicity | Self-Management | Personal Development & Goal Setting
  • MODULE 8 – Character | Human Needs | Learning Styles | A&P Test
  • MODULE 9 – Motivation | Teamwork | Leadership | Member Retention
  • MODULE 10 – Business Structure | Understanding The Business | Enrolments | Sales & Upselling
  • MODULE 11 – Health & Safety | Safeguarding & Child Protection | Business Specific Policies & Processes
  • MODULE 12 – 1-1 & Small Group Training | Specialist Training | Best Practices | Personal Development After Instructor Training | Outcomes

Requirements for Participation:

  • Minimum rank of 3rd Kup
  • Age 17 or older
  • Commitment to furthering your Taekwon-Do education and contributing to the growth of our community

How to Register:

To register for the Assistant Instructor Course click HERE. Limited spaces are available, so early registration is encouraged.

Registration Deadline: 7th July 2024

Contact Information: admin@hsts.biz

We believe that this course will not only enhance your Taekwon-Do skills but also empower you to make a positive impact as an assistant instructor. We look forward to your active participation in this exciting opportunity.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication, and we hope to see you at the Assistant Instructor Course.

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  • St Michaels Mount Community Centre
  • St Michaels Road
  • Hitchin
  • Hertfordshire
  • SG4 0QY
  • uk

Event Schedule Details

  • July 13, 2024 10:00 am   -   4:30 pm
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