Good morning Little Dragons,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and ready to tackle this week.

Let us get down to what you done last week and what you’re going to be doing this week. So last week, if you can remember that far back… You were talking about safety clothing you can wear in the dark so that drivers and other people can see you. Safety equipment can be very handy in Taekwon-Do too. When you’re older and begin to learn how to spar, you will need lots of safety equipment such as:

  • head guard
  • mouth guard
  • shin pads
  • groin guard

All these will protect you from getting hurt. The pictures I got back were obviously fabulous and it was very hard to choose a winner, but I narrowed it down to a few pictures and eventually chose Mia! Well done and great job done by everyone, keep up the good work.

This week you are on a new unit called ‘Nutrition’. You will be helping to tidy up the Dojang this week and talking about how you can keep your body healthy.