Good morning,

Ahhhhhh, half term only means one thing… The ability to stay in your PJ’s for a bit longer and Taekwon-Do is still on. Okay, that’s two things, but who’s counting..? Last weeks activity was to write down words that would help someone be a good friend. We got some great words for this!

  • helpful
  • kind
  • friendly
  • share
  • loyal
  • respect (This is by far my favourite word!)
  • love

Plus many more.

You’re all awesome and your friends are very lucky to have you if you already know how to be a good friend. We really do have the best Little Dragons here! Okay, so I couldn’t pick just one winner this week. So Mia and Daniel M both won this week. I love that Mia’s picture has been designed like an actual gingerbread man, it looked so tasty, I almost ate it, then remembered it’s probably not a good idea to eat paper and Daniel’s looks like the brightest rainbow ever! Well done! But thank you to everyone who sent me their activity sheets this week. You’re all amazing!

This week, there is no activity sheet, although I did send one on Saturday. That sheet will be for next week ready for firework season!