Good morning Little Dragons,

How are you today? Half term only means one thing! NO HOME LEARNING!!! YEEEYYYYY (that goes for the parents too!).

So last week you were looking at different ways to move around. Hopping, jumping, skipping, walking on your tiptoes and heels. Well done for all of that and the sheets that have come back are awesome.

Those of you that completed your sheets last week have done a fantastic job and I love the extra animals you have drawn at the bottom of the page. Matthew (also happy birthday for last week. I hope you got some fab presents!), Jude, Isabella, Joachim, Dylan, Ariana, Melody and Bruno, awesome job!

This week you are looking at coordination again, this time moving along in different ways on your belts, so remember your belts (or dressing gown belt) and get them ready for this week’s class.