Good morning!

Well, it’s only five more homeschooling days. We started counting down last week and have a very excited 7 year old ready to go back to school! I bet you’re all (parents included) super excited about getting back to school with your friends!

Right, let’s get to the business of the day. Last week was the last week on ‘Coordination’ and you all did a fab job with those big movements in class and the small movements for colouring in, super job! Well done to everyone who sent in their sheets again this week. I really do love seeing how much effort you put in with your work!

We had pictures from Benicio, Toby, Jude Y, Melody, Edward, Matteo, Oliver, Morgan, Izzal, Lucas, Matthew, Isabella and Maya.

I couldn’t pick one winner this week.

So I have chosen Melody, Jude and Edward.

I love Melody’s multi coloured tree.

Jude has done a super job with his fine motor skills to get his picture looking it’s best.

Edward, your attention to detail is fantastic!

I do also love Matteo’s multi coloured monkey.

This week you will be focusing on being kind to yourself. This was meant for half term, but we can do it this week. Just to finish up the last week of homeschooling. I want you to know you are all amazing and doing a fabulous job learning with your parents. Keep focused for these last five days and I know you’ll smash it!