Good morning… Just about.

It has been a busy one today! We’ve had loads of new little dragons join the club, so welcome to all the new ones that have joined over the last couple of weeks. I hope your journey with us is fabulous. Last week the children were talking about discipline, but this time what we could do when we feel angry instead of shouting or hurting someone else.

  1. Punching a pillow
  2. Scream into a pillow
  3. Play with some toys
  4. Go for a walk or run around the garden
  5. Sit and read a book
  6. Sit quietly in your room
  7. Talk about why you’re feeling angry
  8. Have a cuddle with your grown up

So many options instead of raising your feet or fist to someone and hurting them and we had some lovely pictures back with some great ideas too. This week we will be talking about how discipline can help when it comes to keeping your room tidy. The Dojang may be a bit messy this week and your instructors will need your help to tidy it up.