Good morning,

It’s Monday again and I hope you are pumped for the week ahead!

You will hopefully remember that you had a chat about keeping your room tidy… Have you been keeping your room tidy? I know my Little Dragon hasn’t… *rolls eyes*… But the colouring pages you did do look fantastic! The winner this week is Jaideep! Well done and thank you to everyone who sends pictures back to me every week!

This week, you are still on the discipline unit and focusing on good choices and bad choices. My Little Dragon needs to focus on this… A LOT… *rolls eyes again*

Anyway, have a wonderful week and start thinking about the good and bad choices you’re making.

Note to Parents, please email back the sheets. I don’t always get the ones that have been given to Master Horan in time and they are then missed out on the post I do on a Monday.