Look at this…

The work put into these pumpkins was great!

Benicio – I love the blue eyes and huge smile.

Isabella – That toothy smile though!

Oliver – The side eyes are my favourite.

Nathan – I love the legs and arms. Your pumpkin is having the best day.

Bruno – Are those eyebrows, I love them!

Jessica – An actual Harry Potter pumpkin! Can we be best friends, please?!

Jake – I’m wondering if your pumpkin has three eyes? If so, does it have magical powers?!

Edward – Your pumpkin looks like a superhero pumpkin.

Ariana – I love the purple mouth.

Samuel – Your colouring is ON POINT! Is that a little Ghosty? He would look right at home with Bowser from Mario.

The winner this week has got to be the Harry Potter pumpkin from Jessica! Anything with Harry is a winner and I love the tiny sorting hat!