Good morning to everyone!

The children are still on the ‘listening’ unit and listened to a story about some children inventing jam doughnut ice cream! Some of your children went home and drew some plans of their own invention.


We had a football-playing robot.

A house moving machine.

A chair with boosters that can fly very high.

A walking space rocket.

A gingerbread man robot.

An eco-friendly robot that plants trees, picks up plastic and sucks up carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

A fire-fighting robot.

A magic house that can turn into animals!


I mean, all of those inventions are sooooo cool! But there has to be a winner and this week it is… HARRY. Who wouldn’t want a football-playing robot on their team?! I’m sure you would win every game you played! I also love the rainbow ears. Well done Harry! And well done to everyone else who took the time to create such masterpieces. I love seeing your sheets every week. This week we are still on the listening unit and focusing on the brain when we hear sounds.