I’m amazed this week just at the effort put into your sheets this week!

James, I love how smart your person is. He looks just like James Bond.

Jude, your little love hearts gave me a huge smile.

Matthew, Your person looks like he means business – like a superhero ready to take on the bullies.

Lucas, I totally love your teeny tiny bow tie.

Benicio, The face, the hair, the heart… What more can I say?!

Nathan, seriously, this one wouldn’t look out of place in Monsters Inc. I love it.

Luke, I hope they’re lollipops and you’re sharing them with me!

Isabella, it’s an actual gingerbread man and he looks delicious.

Edward, is yours a Batman gingerbread man? It looks awesome!

Darcey, I love your person’s eyes and beautiful colouring! Superb effort!


And most of all, the words you have all used are perfect. Kindness is free and should be given to everyone around you. Always be a good friend, you never know when someone might need some kindness in their day.


But the winner this week has to be JAMES! That gingerbread man is so smartly dressed, total winner! A close second is Nathan… I love Monsters Inc and your picture reminds me of that film every time I look at it.