This is the last week of our ‘Be Seen, Be Safe’ unit and you’ve all been cracking! Well done to every Little Dragon who took the time to do their sheets this week. I always enjoy seeing your creations, they really do make me smile.

I especially loved those of you that were super creative with highlighters, what colours are the brightest?! Highlighters, of course! So well done to you if you thought of that. I also thought the ones with the headlights coloured in were very good, it really made it look like it was night time! I applaud you!


But most of all, I loved the little hat on top of the adults head on Ranugha’s picture, so well done you, Ranugha, you’re the winner for this week!

The sheet for this week is now up on the download section and our unit is ‘Nutrition’. Complete that and send it in. This week is a good one because you don’t actually need to print the sheet, just draw yourself exercising on a piece of paper and send it to me via email or our Facebook page!