We did it Little Dragons, we got it to the end of the year! Well done to all of you who followed the Tenets of TkD and continued with your training. All those grown ups in your life are awesome, aren’t they?! All the things going on in the world and they still made sure you got to class on time, every week! So give them a big hug and a huge “Thank You”.

I know so many of you moved up a belt this year and a few of you have actually moved up to the Cadet class, which is incredible! Most recently, Wilbur and Jessica in our Hitchin club both moved up to Cadets and will be having their first experience of their new class in the New Year. Congratulations to both of you!

Benicio can finally ride a bike with two wheels and helps his Daddy cook at home.

Melody got her Blue Belt and is getting better in her dance class.

Morgan also got his Blue Belt and likes to do some Boxing. I wouldn’t mess with him, he’s a real life Ninja!

Izzal went crabbing for the first time this year! I loved doing that as a child and now take my children. Great memory to have. He also turned 5 in January, which means he is almost 6!! WOW!

Bruno scored a goal in football!

Oliver is a Maths Whiz, can you work out the answers to his number problems?

Jake has played a lot of sport this year and has still enjoyed doing Taekwon-Do.

Maya had a birthday and went to Skegness! I wonder if she stayed in a caravan?

Darcey won ‘Little Dragon of the Year’ for Barton and earned her 25 metres in her swimming lessons!

Ariana has continued with Taekwon-Do and Gym, well done!

Edward earned his Red Stripe and became a big brother! That is definitely something to be proud of, Congratulations, I bet you’re a great big brother!

Dylan has been busy doing something very colourful!

Joachim got ‘Outstanding’ for something awesome!

Well done everyone, every achievement is amazing and you are all totally awesome. Feel proud and make sure you tell everyone you know that you’re a winner!