Wednesday 26th August saw the first real indoor training at HSTS with two Little Dragons half day training sessions. These normally cater for 30 LD’s in each but due to the COVID restrictions we had 15 in each session. That’s still a great turn out from our younger members of HSTS, showing that we can get back to some sort of normality.

The sessions started off with temperatures being taken and hands sanitised, then given a spot to sit on and keep their water bottles safe. For each of the sessions the Little Dragons were taken through their paces for 2 hours with various activities including sabum says, musical techniques to name a few.

Then of course practicing their Taekwon-Do techniques in line work brushing up on the technical aspects of their raining. Our Little Dragons get the full ticket with fun games and activities as well as Taekwon-Do giving them a great head start on their journey.

A huge appreciation goes out to our two HSTS professional Instructors Mrs Rose & Mrs Williams who conducted the two sessions, great work and commitment in bringing Taekwon-Do back to our Little Dragons from training outside to inside.

We look forward to the next one later in the year, look out for the event registration.