Good morning Little Dragons,

IT’S HALF TERM!!! What have you got planned this week? My plan is… Working… Probably boring for you, but I like this plan. Anyway. Enough of that, let’s get to the sheets from last week, it was ‘Safer Internet Day’ on the 8th of February and you most probably spoke about this day in school, maybe at your assembly or in class.  It is so important to know how to be safe on the internet. Someone may be all lovely to you and tell you they are 10 and like the same things you do, but they could be lying. Don’t trust anyone online! Better still, don’t talk to anyone online unless you know them in real life. That’s the rule in my house.

I had a few colouring in sheets sent back to me and they are all fabulous! But the most fabulous is from Teddy, he turned five at the beginning of this month and it looks like he spent a lot of time trying his hardest to do the best he possibly could! I’m very impressed by his effort. Well done, Teddy and well done to everyone else. You’re all amazing!

This week is the final week talking about online safety.