Good morning,

Last weeks activity sheet was to spot the hazards around the picture of the train station, a there were some very silly children doing some not-so-clever things!

  1. Flying a kite near the power lines
  2. An escaped dog of its lead
  3. Children sitting on the bridge
  4. Someone climbing on the electricity pole
  5. A boy holding a football, I mean this is not a hazard in itself, but children do sometimes find it hard to keep a ball still in their hands, so it could potentially become a hazard.
  6. Another boy throwing a rock at a very fast moving train. TUT TUT!

Well done to those of you that did spot all the hazards, you’re super hazard spotters! This week your activity sheet is another spot the hazard, but in the home and in class this week is talking about the dangers of water around the home.