Good morning,

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Last week, the little dragons were talking about safety around the home. There were a few hazards to spot on the activity sheet.

  1. Leaving children alone in the bathroom with a bathtub full of hot water
  2. Medicine cabinet is not locked
  3. Water all over the floor in the bathroom
  4. A toddler trying to get something from the toilet… YUK!
  5. A child trying to get into the fish tank
  6. Hot pans on the hob with the handle sticking out
  7. Chemicals on the floor with the baby
  8. Sink overflowing in the kitchen
  9. Door open to the front garden
  10. Kettle wire hanging down

Maybe this family need help from all the super hazard spotters we have in little dragons!!

This week, the children will be talking about safety around the swimming pool. Another spot the hazard activity sheet will have been sent to you on Saturday.