Good morning everyone!


I hope your weekend was fab and you’re ready for another week of TkD.

So, last week you were talking about water safety around the home and you had to find the hazards. Another fabulous job done again. Let’s look at the dangers around the family’s home.

  1. The child with their head in the toilet (YUK!).
  2. Another child in the bathroom playing near the hot bath and standing in a puddle.
  3. A child in the huge bathroom puddle.
  4. The child with their head in the fish tank.
  5. The puddle in the kitchen being mopped up by the grown-up.
  6. The overflowing sink!
  7. The open washing machine.
  8. The baby near the bucket of water.
  9. The lady not looking where she’s going.
  10. The wire for the kettle hanging off the side of the counter.
  11. Hot pan handle in reach of a child.

There a few extra hazards that don’t involve water.

  1. Medicine cabinet open.
  2. Child playing with medication bottles.
  3. Chemicals on the floor.
  4. Toys on the stairs.
  5. Open door to the garden.

Well done if you got all those. You’re a super detective! This week is talking about safety around the swimming pool.