Good morning.


It’s Monday again! How did that happen?!

Well done to all of those who gave last week’s sheet a go. You have been super detectives over the past couple of weeks, finding hazards in different environments. This one was all about safety around the pool. So let’s look at some of the hazards you could have found.

  1. There are a lot of unkind children that are pushing others in the pool.
  2. A child “bombing” into the pool.
  3. Running around the pool is VERY unsafe.
  4. Babies left on their own in the small pool.
  5. Sleeping adults.

Actually, where are the adults?! I think they might be at that bar getting some refreshing drinks after a long day looking after their children! Well done to everyone who did this sheet. This week is still focusing on the pool/beach environment but deciding what’s important to take with you.