Good morning and what a glorious Monday morning it is!


So, last week we were continuing on our Personal Safety unit and looking at what is important to take to the beach with you and what isn’t.

Here are the answers.

  1. life jacket – we don’t always have life jackets in our homes, but it’s always good to get ‘floaties’ to put around you like a jacket.
  2. Sun cream – You don’t want to get sunburnt! It’s not pleasant.
  3. Lifeguard – Now don’t think you have to hire a lifeguard to come to the beach with you, but do make sure you know where the lifeguards are stationed on the beach before you set up camp.
  4. Plastic water bottle, better still, a reusable bottle!
  5. First-aid kit.
  6. Sandals are good to wear on the beach. Sand in your trainers is not fun!
  7. Safety rings are normally dotted around near water, so look out for where they are before settling down.
  8. Always swim with an adult!

Well done if you got those correct. This week is the last of this unit. Sun Safety! Next week we will be moving onto Citizenship.