Good morning and welcome to a new week!

These weeks are just flying by.

Last week was the first week of our new unit, ‘Traffic’ and talking about why safety equipment is so important. I’m sure you all wearing helmets when out on your bike to protect that awesome brain. When you move up to full green belt then you can get to the exciting stage of sparring! I know my own Little Dragon is looking forward to doing that. To be able to spar, then you need protection in the form of a sparring kit. Gloves, shin pads, head guard, foot pads, etc. So safety equipment is very, very important!


Now, we had a few pictures back and everyone did a great job.

But the winner this week is Isabella, she did a great job at filling the whole picture with colour, but adding elbow and knee pads was very clever! Well done, Isabella.


This week is another week on the ‘Traffic’ unit. talking about the importance of ‘Stop, Look and Listen’.