This type of sparring is considered the most important one from the point of view that the ultimate goal of Taekwon-Do in real combat is to win the victory with just a single seasoned blow.

As a matter of fact it not only is exercised at all levels but also can be used in actual situations. It is, therefore, advisable for the student to apply all techniques exclusively including counter-attacking, flying attack and defence, and dodging attack with hand or foot while flying under various assumptions.

The secret of this sparring is to deliver a completely accurate speedy and decisive blow at the opponent’s vital spot at the right time with the right weapon while defending against the opponent’s attack effectively.

Both players face each other and at the command of attention bow, they bow. Then at the command of one step sparring ready, the attacker moves the right foot into parallel ready stance. The defender moves the left foot into parallel ready stance, both shouting “YA”.


No measure, just the appropriate distance for the initial attack chosen by the attacker. There are no set one step sparring within the UTA, however please find some examples below. Within the UTA we have two types of one step sparring, basic and advanced.

BASIC : The attacker will perform the attack of obverse punch with both hands consecutively. (This is the only attacking movement by the attacker)

ADVANCED : The attacker will perform any attack of their choice using either hand or leg but only once.

Defender in both types will perform appropriate blocks and any counter attack of their choice.

Examples Only

ATTACKER 1. Walking stance middle obverse punch
DEFENDER 1. Walking stance middle inner forearm obverse side block
COUNTER – Obverse punch punch

ATTACKER 1. Right middle side turning kick
DEFENDER 1. Right L-Stance Knife hand side block
COUNTER– Right low side piercing kick

ATTACKER 1. Walking stance straight fingertip thrust
DEFENDER 1. Left L-Stance outer forearm inward block
COUNTER– Right reverse turning kick


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