Good morning to all the Little Dragons,

Did your parents tell you the good news?! Well, here it is… This is the last week of zoom classes!!!! YEEEYYYYY!

Let’s get back to why we are here. Weekly sheets. Well, you all did a fantastic job again this week. Did you have a good week with Master Horan?

Let me re-cap. Last week was all about handwashing and how important it is and when you should do it.

Some good answers were:

  • After you’ve been playing with animals.
  • Before you have dinner.
  • After you have been playing outside.
  • After you’ve been to the toilet.

I’m sure there were more great answers.

The winner this week is Ranugha. Well done, you coloured the whole page, that must have taken aaaaaages!

This week we are continuing with Health and Safe Eating, looking more in-depth at the times you should wash your hands.