Well, that was the final Zoom lesson done and again a staggering 424 attendance count for this week. As I reflect on the last three months it’s been a very strange time this time. Almost like the normal way of teaching/training, coming to the office instead of the dojang seeing everyone on the screen correcting and teaching. Teaching fundamental movements, patterns and sparring drills. Half day training, seminars, workshops and gradings online. We are so lucky in Taekwon-Do that we have so many facets we can do on our own and still advance at a level that’s acceptable. The online facility has enabled us to continue with our training almost unhindered, a few aspects that we still can’t do remain but this will come again soon. This became the normal way, but it’s not! we are now getting back to some normality with our outdoor lessons starting this week during the Easter holidays. I can’t wait to see everyone face to face teaching and correcting in person the finer aspects of our techniques.

I hope you are all looking forward to the future with anticipation but with patients and due diligence as we move in the right direction.


Master Horan