Good morning everyone,

Here we have week three of the listening unit. This time you were tasked to go on a sound hunt and write down the sound you could hear and what your brain thought it meant.

We have some great sounds:

  • Planes
  • Doorbells
  • School bells
  • Birds
  • Police cars
  • Car horns
  • Phones
  • Clocks
  • People speaking
  • Music
  • Wind (not that kind of wind…)
  • Leaves

Super stuff from all that took part in that activity, well done!

This week in class, the children will be warming up playing a game called ‘The Little Dragon’, this is a poem that the children need to listen to that will give them instructions on how to move around the Dojang.

Of course Taekwon-Do techniques will be next and at the end of the class, they will be reflecting back on how listening could save lives.