Good morning you awesome lot!

So last week was week three of the ‘Respect’ unit and you are all smashing it! We have 15 sheets back this week and I’m amazed at your knowledge of this unit!

Bruno will be there to cheer someone up when they are sad.

Izzal is very respectful by saying thank you and likes to help people.

Jake is nice and will help others.

Morgan has great manners.

Oliver knows it’s a great idea to listen to adults. We are very wise.

Maya is also a good listener.

Edward is kind to other people.

Emmett knows that sharing is respectful.

Toby is a good listener too.

Jude just wants everyone to love each other. *insert heart emoji here*

Benicio is kind, listens, shares, and helps people.

Ariana is kind, shares and is helpful.

Ranugha is nice to others.

Darcey likes to share her toys and is kind.

Lucas is a great listener too.

Matthew knows being kind is respectful.

They are all amazing and perfect ways to show you have respect for others and also, yourself. Because when you show respect to others, they will respect you in return. Adults aren’t the only ones who deserve respect, you do too! Remember you’re all incredible Little Dragons in the Dojang and awesome children for the rest of the time. See, I told you adults are very wise. That’s me at my most wisest!


This week is the last week on this unit and you’ll be learning about others respecting you.