Another great week and we smashed the attendance again with a 469 attendance count from Little Dragons to 6th Degree black belts. We saw 11 new starters join our online beginner’s course. Lots of new Little Dragons starting in our classes online. Once again a big thank you to Mrs Rose, Mr Lavery and Mr Callahan for assisting in the various classes during the week, enabling us to continue to split into breakout rooms for more structure grade lessons while we learn our new patterns. Two Sundays so far of patterns workshops covering patterns from Chon-Ji to Toi-Gye with Hwa-Rang and Choong-Moo this coming Sunday.

Let’s not worry about when this time will end because it will end, but for now focus on your next goal, your grading, assessment, or a new technique. Whatever it might be, use your Taekwon-Do training as a release from your day to day routine. We are not Zoomed out we are just grabbing the opportunity to continue to train in whatever capacity. So, let’s keep going we can and will see this to the end and return to normal training.

BUT for now, this IS normal training and I am enjoying teaching you all.


Master Horan