Good morning to you all! Another day, another week!

The sheet last week was a little different. We don’t often get a ‘spot the difference’.

Well done to everyone for keeping up with the sheets each week. You’re all amazing!

Ok, so I have checked the differences and found the following…

  1. One car had disappeared on the path.
  2. A person with a shopping bag has gone.
  3. The lorry has turned into a car.
  4. The parent and child are waiting at the crossing.
  5. One dog has gone. Maybe to sniff a lamppost or something.
  6. A car at the crossing as turned into a person with a shopping bag.
  7. The motorcyclist has gone, maybe he left something at home.
  8. A car has randomly turned up. Maybe that’s the Doc and Marty Mcfly.
  9. The person on the bicycle has lost their helmet.
  10. The Red stop sign has turned into a green stop sign.
  11. The bush has moved.
  12. The stripes have gone from the canopy on the shop.

Well done if you got all of those, there a few tricky ones in there! So from what I can see, everyone has used their superpowers to find most, if not, all of these differences! You have very beady eyes, fab work!

This week is the final week on this unit! Talking about the importance of a seatbelt.