Dear Students/Parents,

I hope you are all doing ok and are encouraged by the governments easing of the various measures as we go into the summer.

We are now entering the next phase of training with our adults back indoors from and including Monday 17th May 2021. As you can imagine trying to please and accommodate everyone in a club our size isn’t easy, I have tried to place everyone in a class that not only assists with belt structure but also to be comfortable as we still observe social distancing.

Please find all class lists emailed this week, many students have been changed so make sure you look very carefully for your/your child’s name, class time/day. I hope the classes are acceptable and you can bear with us as we navigate through the next 5 weeks when hopefully all government restrictions are lifted, then you/your children can train in any class, as many times and on any day that is suitable.

Kind Regards

Master Horan

HSTS Chief Instructor

01525 308307