How are you all on this bright sunny, but a bit cloudy, day?

So last week you spoke about respect again and it seems you’re full of good manners because you did these sheets with ease. Very impressed with your efforts.


Good Manners

Saying please and thank you

Taking turns

Greeting new people kindly (you are all fabulous at this when we get new Little Dragons join our club!)

Letting others go first.

Smiling and listening to people


Bad Manners

Cutting in line.

Sneezing on someone (YUK!)

Ignoring new people.


I know for a fact that every single one of our Little Dragons are 100% totally respectful to others in the Dojang. Just make sure you’re being respectful outside the Dojang too then life will be grand!

Well done to everyone who got those answers correct again this week you’re all winners! I especially loved Jack W’s attempt this week. Beautiful handwriting makes me smile too, so Maya, Bruno and Melody, well done! Matthew J, I loved your idea of cutting and sticking your answers too!