Once again I’m blown away by all HSTS students and how you have just grabbed this opportunity to train online. We had 116 students in attendance at the 7 online classes held today (17th Jan) and a massive 458 attendance count for this week, from Little Dragons to 6th Degree black belts. This includes a new beginners course that started on Wednesday and 3 new Little Dragons classes all online. A big thank you to Mrs Rose and Mr Lavery for assisting in the various classes during the week, this enables us to split into breakout rooms for more structure grade lessons.

Thank you again for continuing to train in whatever situation and let’s keep going, this will strengthen us for when we return to the dojang, You will make fantastic black belts and higher dan grade black belts with such a strong sense of indomitable spirit. You continue to inspire me and encourage me to keep teaching you. Thank you.


Master Horan