Dear Students/Parents,

It’s that time of year again and what a year it’s been.

As we enter our final training week of the year before our two week Christmas break, I would like to thank every one of you for your support to HSTS Taekwon-Do. This has been a testing year with some of us having life changing experiences and my heart goes out to any of you who have lost family members or undergone massive changes in work and life. If you train in Taekwon-Do and/or support your child/children who train I hope you have seen how martial arts and Taekwon-Do, in particular, has gone above and beyond in keeping things as normal as possible.
It has been my aim and still is to keep Taekwon-Do a constant in student’s lives, whether online or in the dojang and I hope I have achieved that and will continue to do what is needed.

As you may or may not know we run classes 7 days a week with various ages and grades, so I hope the end of year lessons and new year start dates make sense.

The students of the year for each club will be presented in the lesson those students attend this week, a picture will be posted on social media for you to congratulate and celebrate their achievement.


HSTS last lesson for 2020 is Saturday 19th December 2020 (all lessons after this date will be finished).

HSTS first lesson for 2021 will be Sunday 3rd January 2021 (all lessons on and after this date will resume).


We will be sending new training lists out this week as some of the classes (not Little Dragons) from January will change. If the days and times do not suit you then please let us know by Friday 18th Dec.

Kind Regards

Master Horan

HSTS Chief Instructor

01525 308307


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