MARCH 2, 2024

What a great day of training we had today at the HSTS Taekwon-Do All Day Training!  We immersed ourselves in every aspect of the grading syllabus, pushing our limits and refining our skills. Here’s a recap of the journey we undertook today:

Fundamental Movements: We delved deep into the core of Taekwon-Do, focusing on mastering the fundamental movements that lay the foundation for all our techniques. Strong stances, crisp strikes, and precise blocks – we left no stone unturned.

Patterns: We practised and perfected every movement. It’s truly inspiring to witness the unity and discipline as we moved together, showcasing the essence of Taekwon-Do.

Set Sparring: With a combination of discipline and controlled aggression, we engaged in set sparring, sharpening our techniques and learning how to respond with agility and precision.

Free Sparring: The adrenaline was pumping as we put our skills to the test in free sparring. Every round challenged us, promoting growth, and fostering a spirit of resilience.

Breaking: Breaking barriers and boards, both literally and metaphorically! We conquered our fears, honing our power and precision in breaking techniques. A testament to our physical and mental strength.

Self-Defence: Practicing the three elements of self-defence, releasing motions, attacking motions & breaking motions. Utilising our body weight and understanding distance and body positioning.

Theory: It’s not just about physical prowess – we delved into the theory of Taekwon-Do, deepening our understanding of its philosophy and history. Knowledge is power, and today we fortified our minds along with our bodies.

Let’s carry the energy, discipline, and knowledge gained today forward on our Taekwon-Do journey.