Patterns all day training, 7th February 2015

On Saturday 7th February students joined Master Horan VII at Hitchin Dojang for an all day training with a difference, devoted to Patterns.

The day began with an introduction to patterns by Master Horan, reading from the Encyclopedia and explaining to students how patterns fit into the “Cycle of TaeKwon-Do” and, drawing on the military background of TaeKwon-Do, the parallel comparison to a military company’s battle tactics.
Master Horan then distributed reading materials containing further background to the meanings of the patterns.  All students learned more about patterns Chon-Ji and Dan-Gun, as well as the patterns specific to their individual grade.  The fascinating story of the bear and the tiger lent new depth to the meaning of Dan-Gun!

After a warm-up, the day continued with some fundamental movements and exercises, the building blocks of the patterns.  For many of the students in the room this was an opportunity to experience some techniques for the first time.  Students then divided into groups to practice four directional punch against pads, adding some realism and understanding of application to the movements.  This was a challenge for the students holding the pads as well as those performing the exercise, requiring an understanding of the purpose and method of each movement to put the pad in the right spot at the right moment.In the afternoon, students partnered up to practise specific techniques from their patterns on the pads.  After this, the remainder of the day was devoted to a thorough look at each pattern from 10th Kup to II Dan.

A pair of volunteers performed each pattern in front of the other students.  Master Horan then gave corrections – identifying many common errors in the process – as one of the volunteers performed the movements from that pattern.  The students subsequently practised the pattern as a group, concentrating on improving the areas highlighted by Master Horan.  Each pattern from 10th Kup to II Dan was examined, as well as patterns for III Dan and V Dan.

With students ranging in age from Cadet to Senior and in grade from 8th Kup to V Dan, the day was a rare opportunity to examine TaeKwon-Do patterns in detail and offered something for everyone present.  I am sure I speak for everyone in thanking Master Horan for the considerable time and effort that went into making this day accessible, beneficial and above all enjoyable for all.

Greg Rose II Dan