Dear HSTS students and parents,

“Happy New Year”

Let’s keep positive and keep training in any capacity as there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. We can push through this time again, let’s come out the other end to normal training in the dojang with so much excitement.
In the near future we will be getting back to the other aspects of our training, all types of sparring with partners, bag work and self-defence, which some of you haven’t done yet, so don’t stop now as there’s so much to be done.
I am always excited for every student who comes to Taekwon-Do as there are so many benefits for everyone, great things to learn, great achievements and I will not let COVID stop that. Once again thanks to all HSTS Instructors, students and parents for the continued support in enabling us to keep the club going.
So, let’s keep training and reaching our goals in any situation, your new movements, your new patterns and your next grade awaits.


Master Horan