Dear Students/Parents,

As some of you embark on your summer holidays I wish you a great family time and a break from all that’s gone on over the last few months. If you have already been then I hope you had a great time and I welcome you back.

If you haven’t already I would like to encourage you/your child to return to training in the first instance outdoors and then indoors when we decide to make that step. So, if you/your child wishes to resume the normal training please email us to allocate you/your child to your/their respective class and amend your DD if required. Just to clarify again, we are not stamping attendance cards at the moment but are recording your/their attendance on our system. So, please write the date you/they attend on your/their cards so you can also keep track of it.

As we get ready for the return to indoor training over the coming months please find our implementation plans for each venue below, please note if you train at different venues they may vary. This is very important  information and must be read and understood by all students/parents.

We will be enforcing all our governing body guidelines and will turn students/parents away if not compliant.

Implementation plan:- BARTON
Implementation plan:- HITCHIN
Implementation plan:- STEVENAGE

For those who are still not ready for the outdoor training and anyone who wants to use them please find links below for some home training via our YouTube videos which will be recognised as attendance, please write YouTube on the attendance cards next to the date.

Recommended YouTube videos
Full training session on different punches:- See email
Light fitness session:- See email

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Master Horan

HSTS Chief Instructor

01525 308307