To all HSTS students and parents,

I have seen such a community spirit from having the HSTS HOME TRAINING facebook group that I feel it should stay. Before this shutdown HSTS was quite divided, Little Dragons and parents alike not really knowing what was to come after that phase of training, the colour belts not being involved with the black belts plus the divide between the ages. Now, with a club our size these different classes have to exist and must exist to facilitate everyone. However, lots of explanations were having to be made when the Little Dragons graded to their first full Taekwon-Do belt thus moving into the next class, it was a massive minefield of information. Even parents saying to me, “we didn’t realise there was so much going on at HSTS”!

So, having the closed HSTS HOME TRAINING Facebook group has brought a great deal of HSTS members closer together in a special way. The Little Dragons and parents of all our junior students have seen a depth to our small group of clubs and caught a glimpse of the different parts of training.

With this in mind as we pass through the different phases of getting back the the “normal” I would like to keep this group albeit with a different name (coming soon) so we can all (if on facebook) keep on with the community spirit invoked by COVID-19. I know this has been a tough few months, even life changing for some, and I know we are far from clear yet, but these are the positives from this situation that we need to hold on to and develop.  This new website will I hope keep HSTS students and parents in the loop that are not on Facebook as this news section will be updated as often if not more often that facebook.

I look forward to seeing more of you in our outdoor training in the coming weeks, and keep training as the September gradings are just around the corner.


Master Horan