The following pages are taken from the Taekwon-do encyclopedia. Written by the late General Choi Hong Hi. (The Founder of Taekwon-do.)

Soldiers are as strong as the general who leads them, and, in a like manner, students can only excel under an excellent instructor. We cannot expect a bambo to grow in a field of reeds, nor can we expect to find an outstanding pupil under an unqualified teacher.

It is of particular importance that the two aspects of Taekwon-do, the spirit and the technique, must be taught together. Therefore, a qualified instructor must combine the qualities of a scholar and a soldier if he is to produce pupils of noble character and outstanding skills.

Such an instructor must posses the following qualities:

  • 1. Strong moral and ethical standards.
  • 2. Clear outlook and philosophy in life.
  • 3. Responsible attitude as an instructor.
  • 4. Scientific mind in matters of technique.
  • 5. Knowledge of the vital spots of human anatomy.
  • 6. Unshakable integrity in political and financial dealings.
  • 7. Dedication to spread the art of Taekwon-do throughout the world.
  • 8. One who gains confidence from his seniors, is trusted by his fellow instructors, and is respected by his juniors.