Due to the developments of the current COVID situation, I have decided to change the colour belt and black belt all day training format for the 5th & 6th of December. We will now have two sessions of 3 hours on each day, thus splitting the groups so fewer students are in the same room and for a shorter period of time (I will still issue 6 stamps as we have fewer people, so more attention). We will still cover all the aspects that are needed with the absence of free sparring and pad work.

If you have registered to take part please check your emails, also find groups listed below.

Saturday 5th December 10am-1pm – GROUP 1  (8th kup – 5th kup)

Saturday 5th December 1.30pm-4.30pm – GROUP 2  (4th kup – 1st kup)

Sunday 6th December 9am-12pm – GROUP 1  (1st & 2nd Dan)

Sunday 6th December 12.10pm-3.10pm – GROUP 2   (3rd dan and above)