GUEST INSTRUCTOR with Mr McCabe VI the Degree

On Friday 5th July HSTS were proud to host a Black Belt lesson by Mr McCabe, founder of Cardiff Martial Arts. Mr McCabe is a true patterns player having earned two European Championships Gold Medals, and three consecutive World Championships Gold Medals in 2014, 2016 and 2018. It is always a good opportunity to learn and be taught by a different instructor, and it is a chance to be inspired and learn a new way of performing patterns, from someone so passionate. Mr McCabe brought forwards his unique style of teaching to the class. Teaching us patterns backwards (something that I had never tried but am now really interested in), using the breath, having a buzzing tension through your body and trying to do patterns in pairs as one person. All these methods made the lesson fun, engaging and I know that I and I hope others learnt something new and will try to apply to their own training. It was great to have an insight into someone who is so accomplished in competition patterns. On behalf of HSTS we would like to thank Mr McCabe for spending the time to teach us all.

Kelly Rose IV