A fabulous picture to end an enjoyable six week course at Preston Primary School. Over the last six weeks year 5 and 6 have learned different aspects to Taekwon Do in the regular PE slot. They have all gained in fitness and built up their confidence during these few weeks trying something different and new. They have all learned fundamental skills, learned about different blocking and attacking motions, built up fitness, looked at patterns and started to  learn some basic pattern exercises, looked at pad work for sparring including footwork, and ended the six weeks of Taekwon Do with self defence and board breaking! The whole class decided that they wanted to have a go and all broke with either a knife hand strike, side piercing kick or a turning kick! Well done team!

Comments from the PE teacher at the School:

I wish the sessions could last for longer! The Instructor was great working with the children. Fully recommend”

If you want or know of a school or class who may be interested in doing something different to their normal PE sessions then please feel free to contact us via our website.